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At our comprehensive on-site workshop, the meticulous repair of dents and the restoration of mags take center stage, ensuring your vehicle not only functions well but also looks its best. Our skilled technicians specialize in carefully fixing dents and reviving the appearance of your car's mags. Alongside these specialized services, we offer an array of maintenance and repair options including Major & Minor Service and Repairs for all vehicle makes. Our expertise extends to specialized procedures like Engine Overhauls, Brakes, and Clutch Replacements, as well as Steering and Suspension tuning.

Trust our team to provide expert service and meticulous care, with additional offerings such as an on-site car wash to enhance your vehicle's sparkle. We ensure that every vehicle leaves our workshop in impeccable condition, ready for the road ah

Dent & Mag Surgeon Services

We offer comprehensive list of services, expertly designed to revitalise and maintain your vehicle's performance and appearance, including professional Auto Body and Mag Wheel Repairs.

1. Minor collision repairs

Minor collision repairs

2. Cosmetic damage repairs

Cosmetic damage repairs

3. Hail damage repairs

Hail damage repairs

4. Rust spot repairs

Rust spot repairs

5. Scuff + scratch mark repairs

Scuff + scratch mark repairs

6. Bumper repairs

Bumper repairs

7. Repair + refurbishing of all mag wheels

Repair + refurbishing of all mag wheels

Expertise Across Major Brands

Unmatched Care for Your Vehicle

At Car & Dent Mag Surgeon, we pride ourselves on servicing a multitude of major vehicle brands, ensuring that no matter your ride, you receive the highest standard of care. Our expertise covers a diverse range of esteemed manufacturers.

Our Services

Dent & Mag Surgeon

At Dent & Mag Surgeon, we offer a complete suite of services to keep your vehicle in pristine condition.



Dent & Mag Repairs

Restoring your car's allure with precision dent removal and mag refurbishment.


Major & Minor Car Service

Comprehensive upkeep for peak performance, tailored to your car's specific needs.


Car Wash Services

Revitalise your vehicle's shine with our meticulous and thorough car wash treatments.

Full-Service Excellence at Dent & Mag Surgeon

Major & Minor Car Service

At Dent and Mag Surgeon, our on-site workshop is your go-to destination for a complete range of automotive services. Whether you need Major & Minor Service, specialised Engine Overhauls, responsive Brake and Clutch Replacements, or precise Aircon Repairs & Re-gassing, our team handles it all.

We're equipped for intricate Electrical work, Cambelt replacements, Gearbox repairs, comprehensive Diagnostics, and fine-tuning of Steering and Suspension systems. Entrust us with all makes of vehicles for service and repairs that go beyond the standard.

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